Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Text of Sex: Naughty texts and dirty pics

Is it easier to text about sex and send naughty pictures than to actually go through with it? Why are more guys doing this, but not following through with their dirty text messages. If you are putting yourself out there in that way, then do it, or you are just a cock tease. They do say the chase is part of the game...well I better get my prize at the end!

Now, I know what you are thinking, it is always easier to be forward on a phone or online. There isn't a "real-person" attached to it...yet. Then again, what happens when you do meet in person and they don't even bring up the fact that they sent you a cock picture or told you that they want to lick your body from head to toe and make your toes curl from the best orgasm you will ever have? Isn't it more embarassing to be sitting there knowing that you said that, then sending it...or worse yet, that the person across from you assumes you are all talk and no action.

Lately I had two friends tell me the same story.

My friend, Hudson, is typically a shy guy when he meets someone new. Most of the time he doesn't know someone is hitting on him. That's when I have to point out the fact that the guy next to him has been trying to catch his attention with small talk. Lately, Hudson has been going online and meeting guys. We can be sitting at our favorite restaurant getting tacos and beer, when all of a sudden the beep to his blackberry goes off and he opens his message, thinking he is discrete. He slyly tries to open his message, making sure no one can see it is a picture, when all of a sudden he goes quiet and his eyes grow large. Come to find out later, if I saw 9" my eyes would grow large too.

'Hey, Hudson, who's the new guy you are texting?" I ask. This is usually followed by him saying, "You know, I am not always texting some guy." Interrupted with my, "uhummmm, sure." My friend is the culprit of the picture exchange. He proceeded to tell me this guy has been sending him pictures of himself naked. What's new, right? Well it has been an ongoing thing for almost 2 weeks. My next question to him was of course, "Have you met up with him? And how was it?" To my surprise, they haven't met. He says the guy just randomly sends him pictures. Cock tease.

Is the guy too shy to try anything or is he afraid to have any REAL contact with someone? Maybe he is lying about himself and his pictures? I always suspect the latter.

So, I proposed a challenge to my friend, to get the guy to meet up with him. Put his money where his mouth is...or in this case, to show him the money...shot! Luckily, my friend is a pushover, and he did. They went out one night, finally after much sex/naked picture texting.

The guy, well it was him...but it was all talk. They had a great time, nice chat, and maybe created a connection. The guy never brought up the fact that he sent over the cock shots or texts telling my friend how he wanted to get him naked, kiss him, touch his body, and give him pleasure in ways he could never imagine. Then again, my friend never reciprocated the fact that he sent pictures too. I felt like a modern day Cyrano De Bergerac, texting my friend different ways to bring up the fact that all this had occured. "Ask him about all the books behind him in one of his pictures," I told him. That way you aren't being crude in a public place and discussing sex pictures and acts. That can be followed up later in the car. You have to put it out there.

My friend later told me that he didn't think they would talk again, which they didn't, but that the guy was also not sure if he was gay. Double wham! To this day, my friend still receives pictures of him...maybe he is still wondering if he is gay.


  1. I have always said that if you are going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk. Online flirting, text and pic exchange, is great and fun. However, if you can't be that way in person, that raises a red flag with me. I am not saying you have to whip out your cock or show me your ass right then and there but at least have the same mentality that was behind those texts and pics.

    Jitters on the first date/meeting is fine but you have to warm up eventually. Nothing turns me off more than a guy who cannot backup his talk.

  2. I thing that also threw him off was the fact that he starting sending the pics and texts out of nowhere. They were just chatting to begin with and then one day, wham! cock.

  3. Very nice post. I really enjoyed reading it. I wonder half the time if the ppl I chat/tweet with are who they say they are.

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