Tuesday, June 28, 2011

ASK:REPLY by Boymeetsboyblog.com; The Top 10 First Date Rules

This is the 1st in a series of ASK:REPLY videos. In this episode Boymeetsboyblog.com (BMBB.com) takes on the top 10 first date rules. Many have been wanting to know exactly what is alright to do on a first date, and what should one not do. I compiled a list of my own rules along with a few rules my friends and readers have came up with. Remember, always be YOURSELF, and in all matters of sex, always be safe!

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  1. Hunny, you know I love you...but I challenge rule #5. If you have to bring friends on a first date, then it's probably not going to work out very well. The friends will become crutches, and even if you two do get a chance to talk, it'll be under a microscope by your friends. I actually follow the rule of not introducing new beaus to your friends until you think it's more than a few dates and you think it's someone you really want to pursue. I don't wanna burden my friends with new men each week.. (as if I'm dating that many men)

  2. Loved it. If the first date is a blind date (on line/Grindr date) I always meet in public for coffee or tea as a first date. No DINNER. You can suck down a cup of coffee or tea in a few minutes even if you have to burn your mouth in order to split quickly. If you want to be extra safe order an iced drink and you can be done really fast if the guy is a troll. If you go to dinner, you're stuck there.

  3. Aunt Phyllis I definitely wouldn't on a first date bring all my friends...if I did it would be because I am hanging out with someone and meeting up. It just depends I guess...as a first date, ok maybe not. As a "hang out" yeah, sure why not. I guess we need to define a "hang out" and a date.