Monday, April 2, 2012

The Process of Getting Hurt

The process of getting hurt...
You don't want to beleive it at first.
It's as if everything is standing still.
His mouth is moving.
Sound is escaping.

A flashback.
A memory.
Caught in your mind,
Is a time...

The sound finally catches up to the movement of his mouth as he turns around.
A blow to your stomach, and then your heart.
It stops.

You strummed the guitar.
We sang out loud.
On cold chilly nights we held each other.
The whisper of an I love you
Leaves yousr listless mouth.

The apple falls from the tree.
Day turns to night, and night turns to day.
Sitting there eating our candy corn.
The minute it became too real.
Too real, it lead to this point.

He turns back around.
You catch his gaze.
See the fire reflecting back.
Everything slowly rewinds.
You hear it again.
Hand reaches out for you.
Asking you if you are alright.
He sees you ignore him.
You open your mouth, but nothing comes out.
He keeps talking.
The words keep coming.
Why won't he stop?
Like the day after a night of partying.
Vision is hazy.
Stomach is hurting.
He keeps on talking.
Why won't he stop?
My eyes begin to fill.
That satisfaction won't be given.
Fighting back.
Voice caught in my throat.
It hurts.

Cold. Dead. Weighted body.
Then like clockwork, your heart starts back up again.

The process of getting hurt...
Reminds me I'm alive, and you...
You missed out on the best thing you could have ever had.

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