Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Big Man in the Sky

Excuse me for being away for over 15 years. It's not that I lost faith, courses in my life had just changed. In a time when I questioned everything, from who I was and am to why we are born to die. I come to you now, fully charged in strength and belief to ask you something. I am not here to barter or beg, for that is not the way.

Times are tough all around us. People have been losing jobs, children have been committing suicide because they can not be who they are, but not all is bad in the world. I know you know, for you see all that is happening and I am not here to give you a history lesson. Times are tough, and my heart aches. You see, I know a man, a man who has worked his ass off (sorry for the language, but I speak from my heart). When he was offered the opportunity to do better for his family, he took it. Trekked over to the United States, to make a better living for his family. He worked hard, found his stride in the vast new world. He learned the language and learned to play the corporate game.

As you see he has done everything for his family, suffered in health and lost his youth so soon. Yes, he has done some things he shouldn't have, but he is a man of his word. He learned from his mistakes, and saw that no matter what his family had his side. I know you have forgiven, that is your nature, and for that we are blessed. But you see, this man has suffered after his long hard years of work. He finds himself without a job now, almost 60 years a man, he feels lost. The twinkle is his eye, gone. The bitterness of the cold dark world has stricken him and left him a little chilled, not knowing if he will or can continue.

We sat outside, and he turns to me, "I have to do what I have to do to make an honest living, but I am losing hope. All I want to do is work a few more years and retire, so I can job is done, and now I can relax."

He knows that life is tough, but after 60 years why should life still be tough? My dad had the answers for everything...this one time he is left questioning.

Like I said I come here for answers, because my dad deserves the best. He never asks for much, never demands, never expects. Everything he has in his life he has worked for. As I sit here and write...I know that I should be the one helping him. One son, trying his best. I keep my eyes open for opportunities my dad may have. I am there for him when he just needs someone to share a beer with, talk, and listen to music...the only thing that brings light to his face and heart. Family. He is doing everything he can, all I ask is for you to show him the path that will set him on his way.

...this time I will not lose faith.

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  1. Thank god for him he has a wonderful family to support him. A beautiful wife, children who love him, and his little Angel that does bring that twinkle back to his eye. He's a good man, a loving father. Now is the time when family matters most. We are living trough the darkest times of our lives. Yet love brings us light. Don't let HIM lose faith, or his path.