Tuesday, May 10, 2011

the Tops and Bottoms of Dating: Part 10

1. Find out what you do that annoys him and try not to do it anymore. Try. If you can't change it just let him know, "Hey! I was born this way." And then break out in song and dance.

2. Let him surprise you once in awhile, you might like it.

3. Get away together for a weekend. It's good practice just in case you ever decide to move in together. Plus, you can see if he does anything that annoys you.

4. Some times your musical tastes might not be aligned with each other and it's alright. Just add your own lyrics when he is listening to JLo, correction Jennifer Lopez now, and say she is amazing!

5. Don't double book yourself with your friend and him. Those are decisions that can not be solved with a coin toss.

6. If you are dating someone in another city, share the driving responsibilities. Plus it gives you an excuse to leave things at his place. A few articles of clothing, toothbrush, razor, a hair dryer with all of it's attachments, and a love fern. Hopefully he won't kill it!

7. Share in the decision making process. Every one has an opinion, especially gay men, so open your mouth and voice it! Not everyone wants to have a blue bathroom.

8. Don't tell a guy that you can get tired of being around some people, especially if you see them often. What you should say is that at times you need your ALONE/going with friends to the movie/getting drinks time. You can have separate lives and be together.

9. When going out to dinner with his parents, be presentable, but still be you. Just remember this rule of thumb, remove one piece of jewelry before you walk out the door (according to Coco Chanel).

10. It's a good thing if you wake up together and the first thing you can do is make him smile or laugh. Even if it is because you get crazy hair in the morning.

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