Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Men in the Kitchen: The Recipe for a Relationship, and Making it Work

Men, it's time to hit the kitchen! Gear up, grab your spatulas, measuring cups, whisks, and get ready to whip those eggs. Dating might be hard, but what about creating a relationship and making it work?

Ingredients necessary:
3 cups of dating
2 hearts in love
1 cup of honesty
3/4 cups of trust (add as necessary)
2 cups of open communication
a dash of sexual chemistry

**this recipe serves two people.

Preheat that dating oven to 400°F and get ready to mix.

1. Prepare the relationship by adding 3 cups of dating. Dating is very important because it allows the two people to get to know each other. They can share their mutual interests and get to know each other's bottom lines. You can add more or less of this ingredient as you may need. There is no set rule letting you know how much is necessary to make the perfect relationship, only YOU know that. Don't let others govern how you choose to do it.

2. Next, add a dash of sexual chemistry. Give it that spice you need! Lets face it, you have to be sexually attracted to the person or else all you really have is a platonic friendship. Spend some time having wild passionate sex, or have some sexy rendezvous. Sexual chemistry comes in different ways, such as, erotic massages, dirty talk, skype-sexing, use that imagination! Either way, if he doesn't make your blood flow then sexual chemistry isn't there.

3. After having endless nights of passionate sex, conversation over wine, and meeting his family and friends, it is time to add 1 cup of honesty and 3/4 cups of trust. By this time you two have really come to know each other. You both have developed trust and honesty for each other and what you want.  Trust is one of those rare ingredients to obtain. It isn't available at your local Trader Joes. If you really want it then you should be honest to yourself and him. Don't hide something that you know will rear it's ugly head later on in the relationship. Deal with it NOW. If you are able to find trust and honesty your relationship is on it's way to rising.

4. Once trust and honesty have been added it is time to add 2 cups of open communication. Add slowly and listen. Listening is a must. There are too many times that all we do is hear, but really pay attention and listen to what the other person has to say. You both have established that you like each other and that you are mutually interested in each other. Both of you have learned that you can talk to each other about anything.

5. Let the relationship rise and set in. You have talked, listened, gone on dates that have allowed you two to become closer than ever and trust each other. By this time you two have a lot on your mind.

6. Once the relationship has risen, you two can now add the 2 hearts in love. Love, is that other word used after like. After trust, love is the next hard ingredient to obtain. We say it to our family members, but to give it to someone else, who isn't blood related, is something that develops. It comes from the two people allowing themselves to open up the idea that this is REAL. There is a connection that reaches beyond friendship.

7. Now that you have established love, it is time to bake your relationship for 30 minutes. Make sure to check on it as necessary. Keep it alive, make it fun, be spontaneous and adventurous.

Bing! It is done! Take that relationship out of the oven and enjoy! Relationship is always best served warm.

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