Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Texts, No Problem: Top 10 reasons to not freak out

You know that period of dating where texting and calling becomes less? There you are sitting by your phone, as you are laughing away at some dumb new Youtube video your friend tells you about, and you jitter around to check your phone. Only to find out you imagined it going off and beeping. Phantom texts. You begin to go down this winding path, what did I do? Did I offend? Have I made myself too emotionally unavailable? Maybe he doesn't really like me. Or, maybe he logged on to adam4adam.com and he hooked up with someone and he is way hotter, has a bigger penis, and the easiest way he can get rid of you is by stopping all communication with you.

Instead he flaunts his check-ins on foursquare and updates himself on Facebook. Yet there is no text, no I miss you, no xoxoxoxo.

STOP! Before you begin pulling out your hair, picking everything on your face, and biting your nails, there might be a perfect reason to why he is preoccupied or can't get back to you.

1. He works. Go figure, we did want a guy with a job, a steady job at that.

2. He has no cell phone service. Part of his job makes him travel, therefore maybe he is in a bad reception area.

3. He never got your past text. Maybe YOUR phone has bad reception.

4. Parents. He is the youngest of his family and it is a holiday weekend. Believe it or not some people actually get along with their family and love them.

5. Maybe you mention that you are with your ex-boyfriend way too much and he doesn't want to hear it.

6. It's a busy weekend with friends and he doesn't want to be rude and on his phone the whole time.

7. His phone is dead. (But he keeps an extra battery in his pocket)

8. Maybe you haven't been texting him enough and he feels that you don't want to see or hear him anymore.

9. He is driving and can't text or call.

10. Maybe you shouldn't get pink eye.


  1. Maybe you should put peoples poop in your eye! Hahaha

  2. This is hilarious. B are you dating him? He seems to be the first person to answer to all your posts. Get off his nuts B.

    What would happen if you got tired of waiting for the text messages? Do you just let it be and move on? It is very hard to trust nowadays. What would you do? If all the examples and excuses above got old?

    P.s. just started reading your blog. LOVE IT!

  3. B is not dating me...haha. He is actually my best friend. We got the sex over with already and moved on to friendship. I kid. If someone does not answer me back in a text or call, I just move on completely. Of course then they text me a week later and say oh yeah I was busy...I usually answer back, because I am nice, "oh that's nice," and then I move on.

    If something were to happen it would have happened. You know when you are interested in someone right off the bat, or you want to get to know them more. I simply put it out there, "Hey you're pretty cool, lets do this again." This is where the trust comes in. I trust them to be honest. If they don't want to then they should say it, if they do then they should say that. If all else fails read body language.

    There are plenty of guys out there. There is no need to get hung up about one, ya know. We have it easy today, with technology, dating sites, clubs, the list is endless. Put yourself out there, but have fun. Don't get too serious about finding someone, it's true what they say when you are not looking it is when they come.

    Thanks for reading the blog!!!! xoxoxo