Wednesday, December 15, 2010

the Tops and Bottoms of Dating: Part 4

1. If you are going to date more than one person, please make sure to keep everyone and everything you said straight. That way you don't get yourself in trouble. Hopefully he does the same, and doesn't call you by someone else's name.

2. Always go dutch on dates. It shows that you are independent and/or have a job.

3. Dating and meeting new people is awkward to begin with. It’s like having sex for the first time with someone new. For some gay men this happens all at once. Awkward.

4. When you are no longer interested in someone, or don't see it going anywhere, YOU must let them know. Don't be a heartless monster and lead them on. Don't say I love you amidst a drunken stupor.

5. NEVER fish/rim/sex/bj in company waters. Instead wait until they get fired or if they are seasonal, talk to your store manager to find out if he will be kept or let go. Once let go, then proceed to ask him out. In the meantime he must remain a Man Crush.

6. It is alright to break dating rules, this is why man created the delete button and erasers...permanent markers work best.

7. If you or a guy makes a mixtape for the other, it means something. Mixtapes are the old/new I love you. Retro is always in!

8. It is alright if you and a guy have not had sex after the 4th or so date. It means he likes you and respects you. So stop thinking you are ugly, fat, or weird. He is courting you. Chivalry isn't dead just the word.

9. Don't text, Grindr, Radar, or have your phone to your face while on a date. He might think you are uninterested...fact is you probably are.

10. Skype-ing a guy is the new long distance dating/relationship. You can get dirty and sexy with him and then turn him off when you don't want to talk or see him anymore. It's kind of perfect!

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  1. "There are two things in this world that I can't stand; people who are intolerant of others cultures, and the Dutch."