Monday, December 13, 2010

The Ex-Sex Factor

Yeah, I am bringing it up! Sex with the ex. The ex-sex factor. Is it ever alright to have sex with your ex? Or, is it something you should completely stay away from, after all you did break up for a good (questionable) reason. According to my 3-month stint, "hell yeah it is alright." He said he had done it, but that he felt selfish for doing it, while at the same time feeling like he was taking advantage of his ex. So then why do it? Is it because it might be an assured good fuck?

Having sex with the ex might complicate things, right? Unless, you set up rules to maintain the ex as an ex. Are we talking about NSA sex? The most common relationship (for the lack of a better name) found on Adam4Adam,, and Manhunt. I think we are!

But still it's your ex...the problem continues. I am not going to lie, I have done it. I am guilty of the guiltiest pleasures, sex with my ex. Don't judge me!

I like to think the reason some of us have sex with the ex is purely physical reasons. He knows my body, he knows what it takes to make me come. Not cum...come damn it! Lets be adults here. My ex, knows that he shouldn't tickle me, that my left side of the neck will get me to do anything. Stop taking are not hopping into bed with me...EMAIL ME!

I digress. So yes sex with the ex might be great, but it is temporary. Plus, it stops us from allowing ourselves to allow someone else to enjoy us. Right? Shouldn't we be out there, dating/hanging out and allowing someone to learn our bodies, our mind, those inner workings that make us, us?

Think about it. Having sex with the ex does not allow us to move on from ourselves and what we had with this other person, even sexually. Unless you are void of all emotion and thought, then I guess you can do it all, but then again it is completely physical. Or maybe you are my 3-month ex and are a heartless monster who eats hearts and spits them out on the ground. Once, again I honest to yourself and what you want!

Honesty to you and the person(s) you are with. If you don't want something more than just sex, then say and it's alright. Now go...have fun, hey have sex with the ex, just wear a condom!


  1. Love it!

    My opinion is, sex with the ex should NOT happen. Not that I am not guilty of it myself, after all, I'm a sexual human being just as everyone else.. BUT, you never know where that might lead the ex. I know they say they understand it's JUST sex, but don't believe it! In the back of their minds they are totally thinking this is THAT opening to rekindling the relationship they want. What happens when you decide to move on?? Crazy, psychotic stalkers that have built this delusional idea that YOU BOTH wanted to be in a REAL relationship and that it was never JUST sex..that's just that silly thing you liked to call it.

    a restraining order later, you sit there shaking your head thinking "sex with the ex was a bad choice..."

    not that i have psycho ex bf's/gf's or anything ...yeah. I sweat just from thinking about it.

  2. Try NOT having sex with the ex and still ending up with a restraining order.

    I say NO to Sex with some ex's

    <3 Vi

  3. You have sex with your ex because your not over him

  4. I think it may depend on the type of "ex". There's the ex that you leave because of disagreements, the ex you leave because you screwed-up, and the ex you leave because you want something else. In the first case... never; in the second... maybe; in the third... why not? Ultimately, though it probably comes down to a little of what one of the A's said... maybe you haven't really left your ex so maybe he's not an ex yet.