Monday, December 27, 2010

An Open Letter to 2010/2011

Dear 2010, soon to be 2011;

Fuck! Where did the time go. One year more, or as my mom would say, "one year less." As we close 2010, we look back at everything that happened, release the negativity/bad/ex's/one-night stands, and look forward to another year. Hopefully this time we learned from the mistakes we made in 2010! It's a new year, another round to make new mistakes, to find new crushes/loves, to learn more and more about dating.

I know what you are asking, "HEY! What are your New Year Resolutions?" Let us explore the possibilities. My friend told me don't make fantastical promises/goals or easy ones that you set yourself up for accomplishing in less than a day. I suggested we all make wish boards. That idea was instantly turned down.

So here goes...I am looking forward to just relaxing and exploring who I am as an individual. I had spent 9 years of my life with one person. Most people would say, wtf happened!?! You were in love, you had it all, he loves you, the perfect couple. You are right, we probably were. As you see I said, probably. I think one of us was more in love with the other, and the other was in love with the idea of being comfortable and in a relationship. It wasn't 100% a couple, and for that I chose what I chose. The relationship helped me grow into the man I am now...but at the same time it left me naive to dating and meeting people.

Shortly after, I had a brief new relationship/boyfriend. It was perfect (in my mind). He swooned me. I loved him. I gave myself more than I ever had in my not-so-past relationship. Then as quickly as it happened it was gone.

As you can see 2010, you left me broken, but I have slowly picked up the pieces. I am learning the rules to dating. I have learned to protect my heart to guys who play guitars, sing, and have cute scruffy faces. I have learned that one should never date as a boyfriend right off the bat. Don't be so much of a relationship monster/monger.

This new year I plan on focusing on me and those close to me. Taking everything one day at a time. Enjoying the people around me every day that I can. Stop being so scared to take that risk and go for it! Whatever it may be. Be BOLD, be PASSIONATE, let yourself be LOVED and LOVE in return. Just do it all with love and from the heart. Be sincere. Be honest. BE YOU!...hopefully the other person will be too.

I want to write a short song. Do it! I want to shoot a short video! Get to it! I am going to STOP letting my insecurities get the best of me. I am going balls out BABY!

So 2010 I bid thee farewell, and say hello to your friend 2011. Btw 2010, please tell your friend 2011 to be kind to me.

Your friend,



  1. "Be BOLD, be PASSIONATE, let yourself be LOVED and LOVE in return." interesting comments from someone who created a life with someone then ended it in search or a different fantasy. Isn't the life of a commercial relationship wonderful? Read the headlines, don't research the issue. By the brand, forget the quality. Vote for the better advertisement, ignore the facts. You are college educated right? Did your parents support you through college? Would they want to read what you write about? Is it the type of son they'd want? Have you pulled the knife out of your last partners back yet?

  2. Hey Anonymous, your post sounds like the words of a person who may have had more than a passing involvement at one time. I'm sure you felt very smug and satisfied with yourself when you clicked the post button. If you don't like what he said, why don't you move the fuck on. Head on down to the bar, smoke your cigarettes and get wasted while you desperately search for your next teenaged ethnic conquest. I bet he has a much bigger support group of FAMILY and friends than you could ever dream of having. Now, continue on your way faggot, the losers are at the bar waiting for you.

  3. Hey anonymous, I love you! xo. My parents did not put me through school or support me through it, I did. My parents love me; can you say the same about yours? There is no knife in my last/only partner's back. Actually, we are best friends. Oh, and before you hit post, grammar check that shit, bitch! Much love!