Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The (Mis)Adventures of Gay Online Dating

Remember the days when we use to write letters, fold them into hearts, and have them hand delivered by our friends to the person we were crushing on (mind you we had to keep some air of mystery). Or, the time we didn't dare ask that person for their number so instead we used a mutual friend to get it from, so we could ask that person out. To think we thought dating was hard back before computers, email addresses, and internet dating sites. Everything is at our disposal now, and dating is STILL something we find hard to do.

The thing is I don't think dating is hard to do (if you know the rules), it's knowing where to start. Especially for a gay man. In this era of Iphones, Androids, Blackberry's, Adam4adam, Manhunt, ManCrunch, Grindr,, and well you get the idea. There is so much. You think it would be easy. But, where are all the serious men? Not the ones that go online, say "I'm bored and horny, lets fuck." PS, that isn't a date, it's a hook-up/fuck-date (sometimes).

I know what you are thinking most of these sites aren't really online dating. It is a yes and no, I think. You definitely have to search through a lot of men to find the one who wants to date and build a relationship. The same thing can be said about dating in general, even if it isn't done online. Of course  I thought I found that online and three months later the heart monger ate my heart. Now, he is back online, this time looking for fun. I digress...yes these sites are a hit and miss. They typically ALWAYS lead to a hook-up or someone telling you that you don't fit one of their 100 rules and regulations of who they can and won't date. I have standards, yes, but a requirement of 5'9" and 7" thick, uncut dick, is not necessary to ride this ride.

Online dating is crazy, even on the most serious sites. You still see the same people, with the same shit worded differently. Still, some how, people manage to get a cock picture up. Only this time around you have to pay for the site (because it is a serious/real dating site) to see their cock. Does that not make it prostitution? The other scary part of online dating, is getting what you see. Sure people can fancy up their profiles, place some pictures (sometimes pictures of them 10 years younger), lie about their age, and I am sure the list can go on. You can't assure the person you are talking is the real person. What if it's a chick? OMG, you are straight! There is no real safe haven for men who want to meet men and build something more than NSA. If there is, please point me in the right direction.

Lo' and behold (yeah I said it, and please read it in the most cliche voice ever), there is a site called Gay Shark Tank! As I began my adventures of dating, I set up a Twitter account. Note to self, plenty of single men on Twitter. I found Gay Shark Tank on there and was intrigued by their short bio. It was honest, simple, and to the point. A place where men can meet, without taking their clothes off, and build a friendship or date. The site works with people logging on and video chatting. That's right, you can't post some phony pic or have a cock shot! It is YOU baby...ALL OF YOU! Besides isn't that the person we should really be meeting. Now don't get this confused with Manroulette, where you get naked and well jizz all over your keyboard. This is a site where you are forced to see each other in your everyday attire, everyday look, and take it for what it is. Hey get dolled up if you want, just be YOU! It is a fun site and definitely think it will open up a new venue for gay online dating. Now lets just pull those pants up, throw on a t-shirt (yes your muscles look amazing) and get to chatting!

Hmmm...I wonder who is in the tank now! Bite and reel!

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