Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Non Gay Things vs. Real Gay Things

It is interesting to see what people describe as gay activities in accordance to what is deemed normal straight activities. Gendering/sexualizing activities, what a concept! I know what you are probably thinking when did I sign up for Queer Theorom 101. I know this isn't about dating, but it can be. How many times have you read a profile that says, "I am str8 (because adding the 8 queers it or makes it different from the real straight) acting and I like to do non-gay things, such as ride dirt bikes, hike, spit, chew tobacco, and take it up the ass." Great! Where do we begin?

When I see profiles like this, I start to ask myself am I too gay? What is it that I do that is a gay activity (other than sex with men, or if you are a lesbian, women)? Will he like me? Will he judge me because of my profile pic? Should I just put a dick pic up so that he can't label me by my dress appearance? Oh shit, there I go letting all my insecurities natual flaw is showing yet again!

I don't know why I let one profile get me so riled up, in the most nonsexual way...or maybe it is sexual. I don't know. As I read more and more of these ads, it makes me wonder about who I am and why I do what I do. I never claim to be anything (straight acting, queen, twink, bear, otter, etc), I am just me. Whatever that may be or entail.

As far as activities go, why is it always that dirt biking, hiking, anything overtly masculine have to be non-gay things. They sound pretty gay to me. I know a lot of gay guys who love dirt biking and by any means are not butch. Gay men love to go hiking, it's our lesbian version of whale watching, some gay men hike because they love outdoor sex...I think it's more the latter than the former. Can't an activity just be an activity you like to do minus sexual connotations. Hence why I sexualize everything. You ask what are the real gay things, well according to this one guy it is clubbing and bar hopping. I know many straight men and women who do both. Gay men do more than this, right?

I like to think I do. I love to attend art shows, see live bands, opera, and musicals. Sure I love going to a club and a bar once in awhile. I also love to stay home and just watch a movie and have a beer with someone. I am a dichotomy of conundrums (a cultural dichotomy fuck in the head), fuck I am a multi-faceted individual with varying likes and dislikes. Those things aren't gay, they are called being cultured! Hey, they are also great places to meet individual, stable, well dressed, and desirable men...with a brain (hopefully).

Ok I have given way too much thought to this subject...oh fuck he messaged me! In this case beauty over brains!


  1. I try to not let who I fuck determine every single little thing about my life. Being gay doesn't define who I am. Its just a small piece of the whole fucked up pie. We've had this discussion many times haven't we? So I lick your trembling lips, and use your hands to feed the birds.....


  2. I love fucked up pie! It's the best flavor. Can I get a taste?