Wednesday, December 1, 2010

the Tops and Bottoms of Dating:Part 2

Everyday we find out new rules that we need to add to our list and be aware of...

1. Ok men, now I know I said it's 2010 and you should have a picture of yourself on your profile. What I meant is a face picture, not your dick, not your ass, not your ass spread apart! Men/guys/gays want to see that mug rather if it is cute or not. Oh yeah, and please be honest of your picture. Don't use one of yourself when you were 10 years younger, had a body to go for days, be CURRENT! Be HONEST! This means age, weight, hairiness, and if so cock size. Because let's face it would you rather be turned down online or in fucking person! Check out GaySharkTank!

2. Always accept to being someone's +1.

3. Always look interested in the conversation, even if you are not, plus you might learn something new. Might.

4. Grinder and GuyswithIphones are great ways to meet Mr. Right Now.

5. If a man wants to make your breakfast after you spent the night at his place, let means you are more than a fuck-date.

6. If a man wants to go out then tells you to just come over to his place for a drink, it is only a fuck-date.

7. Find out each others bottom line and deal breakers. That way you don't set yourselves up and you can easily call it quits right then and there.

8. When you are learning to date someone you also have to learn how to date his friends. They are the inner workings of the guy you want to get to know.

9. If it doesn't work out with the guy, you can now date his friends.

10. Always shower before you go out. Hygiene is important! That means brush your teeth, moisturize, shave your balls, and put on some fucking cologne! I love a well-scented man.


  1. But you've already seen my face, my dick, and my ass like millions of times.


  2. if I have seen it a million of times, it must have been great!

  3. The Grammar Nazi is blushing hehe

  4. The grammar Nazi and Boy meets Boy need to get a room already.

  5. Leave me alone!