Monday, August 22, 2011

Arthus and Nico: the Bare Essentials for dating, love, sex, and relationships

I had the pleasure to do a short interview with the very sexy, nerdy, and sometimes naked internet couple, Arthus and Nico. Some may know them through their titillating underwear and sometimes naked photo shoots, others through their Twitter, and for the rest of the world, from their intimate, sexy and romantic videos. This couple definitely breaks down the barrier that sex is just lust-filled and only to be shared within the most intimate confines of the bedroom. Celebrating their 7th anniversary, I asked the couple their ideas about dating, love, sex, and relationships. More importantly their insight to making a relationship last. Stripped down naked, to the bare essentials, here are Arthus and Nico, style!

Boymeetsboyblog: How did you guys meet? Is there a cute story behind it?

Arthus and Nico: Actually, not that cute. We met online, on a gay chat like a french adam4adam. We talked a lot on MSN but didn't really get along and one day, as none of my friends wanted to go out with me [Arthus] I asked Nico and he said unexpectedly yes. I picked him, we had a crush and the love story began.

BMBB: What was your first impression of each other?

A&N: For Nico : not that bad. For me [Arthus] cute face and nice shirt.

BMBB: How long did you two date before you made it official?

A&N: It went pretty fast. We became a couple on the very first day.
BMBB: How long have you been together?

A&N: 7 years and we spend 24/7 together!

BMBB: What’s your secret for success in a relationship?

A&N: Communication and to want the same things in life. And last but not least, don't give up too easily.

BMBB: Are there any rules you two had while you dated or even now while you are together? Like, what not to do on a date.

A&N: Don't fuck on the first night but you can have a BJ on the second date.

BMBB: Tell us something about each other that nobody knows except for the both of you?

A&N: Nico is scared of heights . Arthus is choleric.

BMBB: What are some things that maybe one or the other does that you don’t like? How do you cope with it?

A&N: Nico likes tidying for hours but I don't really cope with it, it still gets me mad. Arthus makes a list of everything we have to do on the next day when we're in bed trying to get [to] sleep. I put my pillowpet on my ears.
BMBB: What’s that one thing that can make the other partner smile?

A&N: Arthus smiles at my funny faces, voices and dances. I'm like a man pet. When Arthus tries to scare me by hiding but I either find him first or he waits for hours because I didn't notice he was gone.

BMBB: From the list below, what is the biggest turn on?

a.     Eyes

b.     Chest for Nico

c.     Arms

d.     Legs

e.     Butt for Nico

f.      Other… Nico's butt hole is a big turn on, and I see it a lot!
BMBB: What are your bottom line/ deal breakers? Those things one can do or say that will end a relationship or your dating status with a guy?

A&N: Having an affair or hitting.

BMBB: What do you think about technology and dating today?

A&N: It's too much about sex and it's hard to date.

BMBB: What is your advice to single guys out there looking to find their other half?

A&N: Put sex aside and stop spending your time on gay chats once you start dating someone. You know men think with their dicks so put an end to any temptation.

BMBB: What is your number one advice to guys who are together?

A&N: Keep the fire and beware of daily routine.
BMBB: What are your top 5 rules to dating?

1. Don't fuck on the first night
2. Don't talk about Britney or Gaga unless you're dating another stan
3. Twink/Sugardaddy relationships never last long
4. Don't talk about your last relationships
5. Don't be late you're not Mariah Carey

Once, again thank you to Arthus an Nico, for their support and contribution. Congratulations on 7 is to more for the both of you! Check out Arthus and Nico at...

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  1. I think I like this blog. I will have to look at it closer, tks Pudder

  2. Interesting blog, provocative pictures! What they seem to say is like the exact opposite of this blog. In other words, stop thinking with your dick BMBB!

  3. yes yes because that is what I do. xo!

  4. I dont understand a lick of French, but they have a cute cat! haha

  5. Gay men and their cats...I have 2. Oh that a trend? Gay men and cats.

  6. Cats are great pets, I don't think it has to do with gay men. We just have cuter ones! I have pics on my phone, wanna see? Lol

  7. We don't have a Cat, we have a Dog ;) A Chow. She even has her own twitter account;)

    Thanks again for the interview

    1. ...and thank you guys! Sweethearts and cuties. xo