Thursday, June 2, 2011 Project 1.0

Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. --Søren Kierkegaard

Lately I have been on a kick of convincing you to find yourself and being who you are, be it if you are single, married, partnered, in an LTR, 3some, or you name it. If you want to lose weight, do it. If you want to overcome fears, tackle it. If you want to build the next Donald Trump empire, work it. We come to a point where we learn from our past and shed the proverbial former us. Remember what I said, stop living in the shadows of who you were! With that said, I have some homework I want all of YOU to do. Don't worry there will be no pop quiz at the end, no need to work for that "A," and nothing to really hand in.

I want you to make a wish board. Or better yet a SUCCESS board. Wishing entails that it might never come true, we want to visualize it WILL come true. Now there are two ways one can go about this. Let's start the old-fashioned way.

Items you will need:
-poster board (small, medium, decide)
-old magazines

Start out by skimming magazines, old newspapers, anything and everything. Look for pictures, words, sayings, signs, anything you want to bring into your life and future. It can be money, success, love, relationships, boyfriend, friends, etc. Don't think of the things you don't want or like, see the things you do want and like. You can fashion words using different letters á la creepy stalker from The Bodyguard. Remember think positive, don't use words that negate, it will do nothing for you.

When you feel that you have added everything you wanted and see yourself attaining, place the board in a place you will always see it. The best place is right by the front door. That way you are reminded of it every time you walk by the poster. You see it, you say it, you do it! Feel free to add more items as you go throughout the weeks, days, and hours. There is no stopping you.

So that is the old-fashioned way of doing it...I know what you are thinking. What's the new way? Duh, cut and paste on a computer. Today with technology readily available to all of us, after all you are reading my blog on a computer, you can add pictures simply by copying/pasting and cropping. You can use Word or if you have them, Photoshop and Illustrator. The fun part is you can create your images yourself and still visualize the same process.

What's even better about doing it on your computer is that you can save the image as your desktop wallpaper! We are constantly logged on to our computers, phones, and tablets. So why not take advantage of it!

Now you see, it wasn't too hard. It's an easy project that enables you to find YOU and to help in your success. After all true happiness begins with us, or I should say YOU. So take some time, put on your feel good music, and have fun!

**please note that the Vision Board is an old idea made popular by The Secret. The idea comes from old teachings from ancient civilizations who use to act out and paint their  hunts, wars, etc and see themselves winning their fights or events. They acted out their desired results for success.


  1. This is not your idea. A Success Board is also known as a Vision Board. If your going to use the ideas of others for your blog you should definitely give credit where credit is due, otherwise its plagiarism! Your words, whether intentional or not, make it seem like your trying to pass this off as your own work. Did you know that legal action can be taken against you for this? Hardly seems worth it for your hobby!

  2. I never claimed this as my idea. I don't even take credit for it. I merely called it a success board because vision board didn't click with me, because to me a vision is just that a vision, with the possibility of not coming true. So I placed success instead because that to me triggers completion. If you can pinpoint who came up with the idea of a wish/vision board I would be more than happy to credit it, but from what I understand, and looked for I couldn't find it. I had been doing vision boards since I was a kid. So please I welcome you to find out and I will place it. Thanks! xo

  3. You claimed it as yours by merely excluding the fact that you heard about it somewhere else. And your writing the blog, not me so you should be the one doing the research, honey. Everyone knows that this idea was popularized in The Secret. John Assaraf claims to have invented the idea but it predates him. Actually The Secret pretty much rips off a book from the early 1900's called The Science of Getting Rich. And what is up with gay men flipping off the camera these days? That is extremely juvenile. For the most part I enjoy your blog but what the hell does this have to do with dating?

  4. It does predate The Secret. It goes even further than the 1900s, it goes back to ancient times when people would act out events in order to reach their end result desired. Like begets like. This idea belongs to everyone, not one person can claim it, if anything it belongs to the ancient people, Native Americans, Druids, and all the ancient civilizations. I don't claim it at all, I merely have used the concept since a kid, it was something I was taught. I grew up in an interesting household, for the most part. I will go ahead and give credit to everyone that has ever come up with the idea, past wisdom teachers, sages, and the book. So thanks!

    And I don't always write about dating. Sometimes I write about working on oneself before committing to a relationship or dating. I believe you need to know yourself and figure out what you want and your success before doing all of it. That's just me though.