Tuesday, June 7, 2011

the Tops and Bottoms of Dating: Part 11

1. Fresh breath is ALWAYS important! We are adults, use a toothbrush, a water pick, some floss, and mouth wash. Oh, and don't forget the dentist!

2. If you are going to tell someone what they can/can't do, then you must be sure to do the same. You can't set up rules and then not follow them, unless somehow you both mutually agree that it is stricken from the record and you can proceed as normal. The Court of Gay Love according to Judge Judy.

3. Me: "Hey there, how are you today?" Him: "Just hanging out, bored really." Me: "It's too nice of a day to be bored." Him: "Well, I'm actually horny." -- Bored=Horny.

4. Some guys use the selection of friends or looking for a relationship on profiles to get hit on more, instead of saying they are looking for a sex buddy. False advertisement, be honest about what you want. If people don't want to hit you up when you place looking for a sex bud it's probably for other reasons than you think.

5. If someone asks you in person what do you like to do, they mean exactly that, what do you like to do. Hobbies, life, friends, etc. When someone online asks you what do you like to do or into, they mean something else entirely...sex. What do you like to do sexually? So, why don't they just ask it that way?

6. When asked about how you feel about a certain situation, for example plans changing and three friends joining you making you feel like the 5th wheel because one friend is in love with the guy you are dating and needs his attention, speak up. Let him know how you feel, and it is always alright to excuse yourself from the situation and say, "Hey, I think I am just going to head home."

7. No matter how in love, don't forget to say you are sorry if you were wrong about something.

8. It's alright if you don't see the person you are dating every day. Sometimes you need your alone time to reacquaint yourself with YOU and the things you love to do. Secret single behavior.

9. Advice from a friend: "More than half the shit you think is important...isn't."

10. Make sure when you are dating someone, that their best friend (of the opposite sex) isn't in love with them. Awkward.

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