Friday, March 18, 2011

Dirty Mouth, Dirty Talk: Sex talk, do you like it like that?

"Tell me how you like it."
"Oh yeah, you like riding my cock."
"Do you like how it feels in your hand."
"Yeah baby, it feels good, your cock, in my hand, in my [fill in your own blank]..."

Wow, I might have came just a little in my pants. This might be the most explicit piece I have yet to write. Dirty, raunchy, not the Christina Aguilera song, sex talk. Yes, dirty talk in the bedroom (for others sometimes anywhere will do). We have all participated in it, willingly or not. Sometimes they start moaning and groaning, as they let out a yes, yes, yes, oh yes. Mild, I know. The truth is, you were there and whether you choose to talk back, they were a go! Lights, camera, action baby, tell me how you like it!

Lately, I have been dating a guy, who I met online. He is a nice guy, put together, good job, car, a place of his own, a definite catch! Guys and gals get your popcorn because the show is about to start. We went back to his place after our first date, with no real intentions of having sex. We just wanted to make out. Making out is definitely always HOT. I look forward to a make out sesh with a good kisser! As we laid there kissing, I believe the alcohol came on, because before we both knew it we were naked and he was telling me how he liked my cock in his hands. Followed up by, "Yeah you like pleasing daddy?" Interestingly enough though, he chatted more in the bedroom, then on our date.

We continued with the witty sex banter until we both climaxed and rolled over to sleep. 2AM comes around and the kissing starts up again. This time I mount him. The dirty talk starts revving up as we are both winding down from the alcohol. This time I am more aware of what I am saying, but I throw caution to the wind, and let my inner dirty boy come out.

In the past I strayed away from dirty talk. Only because it made me laugh. It never sounded real to me. Instead it was like being in a porn movie, and I didn't have my script. This time, I admit, it was a little different. I found myself going for it, without a giggle or a blush. Maybe it was the fact that he has a dominating personality and when he says it, it comes out and I believe it. It's the whole package.

My friend often kids with me about being a prude or a little to conservative with my sexual proclivities. But, isn't it those type of people who are typically a freak in the sheets? I am not tooting my own horn, but when I am into someone, trust me I give it  my ALL. Now, I don't know what to expect from Mr. Dirty Mouth in the long run, but I do know what/who will be coming when the lights are off and we are in between the sheets, "Yes daddy, I like it like that!"


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