Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the Tops and Bottoms of Dating: Part 1

As we progress into the blog we have been learning a few things about dating, the Tops and Bottoms of Dating, as I am calling it. Feel free to share yours, comment, like, poke, twitter it, overall whore it out.

1.Men, it is 2010, please have a face pic on your profile prior to hitting me/us up. Enough with the I don't want anyone to know I am here shit, if your co-workers, family members, exes, are on Adam4Adam,, etc...then they are there for the same reason, DTF.

2. All MEN are DTF. ok, not all men...but mostly all.

3. If you like someone, tell them! Don't wait around for them to come to bold! have some balls!

4. Stalking a man on Dudetubeonline or QueerClick does not constitute a relationship, unless you are the one in the video with them. Even then it is iffy.

5. Men want to know the real you, so don't dress it up...too much. Be yourself from the begining, and if he likes CRAZY he will like you too.

6. Don't watch Valentine's Day with the guy you love, he might/will turn around and use the break up line that Jessica Alba's character says to Ashton Kutcher's character. "I wasn't sure this is what I wanted." --bitch after you took the ring!

7. If you are given someone's phone number and you are mutually interested, call him. Or text.

8. Texting is the new calling.

9. If you don't want guys to judge you or think you are not serious, make sure your Facebook/Myspace paints you in a real/adult view, because Facebook/Myspace is a serious world where serious people meet. Seriously.

10. Create a different Facebook/Myspace as an alternative.

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