Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Part 1: The morning after, minus the pill

So I am not going to lie, I had a brief encounter, and not of the 3rd kind, after my 9 year relationship ended. It was definitely the boy meets boy type of know you meet online (adam4adam), trade private pics of your junk, then set up a meeting a week later...for sex, drinks, and maybe if you are lucky some more sex in the morning. Ok, I am not that slutty, I didn't put out!

Instead, we met up for drinks at the local gay bar. The heart was beating faster, the palms were sweating...oh this a first date? At a bar? Are we going to do it in the bathroom...did I bring a condom? Am I ready? After much anticipation he shows up, and to my delight he looks good, and like his picture. Come on, you know you get scared that a troll will show up instead...but that wasn't the case. Quite the opposite...he was cute. After some verbal banter and drinks, and trying to find moments to lay our hands upon one another, we ended our pseudo-date. I drove him to his car...and surprise...we drive the same car. Soul mate? Future love/partner/sex addiction?

We spent a few moments, what seemed like hours in beer time, making out in the car. I grabbed his crotch, he grabbed mine...I love the gay handshake...and boy did I need it! We remained calm and collected...for gay men...and decided we would see each other again...and soon did it happen.

Now there is more to talk about, it was a great 3 months of boy crushing...only to end in total heartbreak. But hey! 3 months, in gay count, that is equivalent to a decade...I am not going to do the math!

Maybe I should have put out and got everything done a lot faster, let sex complicate it…let it complicate me…in any way it was my induction/introduction to single gay man’s world…the rule at the moment is that there are no real rules, no clear ones at least. And if you do make some rules...remember to write them down, that way you can cross them off when you break them.


  1. spread the blog, and I will love you back!

  2. Men suck in general. Go out with me.

  3. maybe when he pulled it out there was a piece of lettuce on his dick from the salad you ate for lunch earlier in the day. Either that or he is a douche bag. Remember kids, wash your butt!

  4. Craven, maybe he is into that! don't judge people for their fetishes...aren't we just trying to please the person in the relationship.

  5. lol.... there was probably even some dressing on the lettuce.... :P