Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Obvious Gay Trait (OGT)

We all have them, well all gay men/women do, and sometimes those questioning bi-curious skinny jean wearing electro indie kids. Obvious Gay Traits (OGTs) can be anything that signifies that you are gay or a flaming queen, and I say that with love!

My OGTs are that I love to listen to Mariah Carey (not new Mariah Carey, Emotions/Music Box Mariah) while soaking in a bubble bath, oh, and I vogue fiercely when intoxicated.

I want to hear yours! Let me know what your OGTs are...and be proud of them damn it!


  1. My OGT is saying Bitch after every other sentence while gesturing with a snap and a head roll.

  2. My OGT is wasting time reading blogs like this when I could be doing something meaningful with my life instead.

  3. But once you embrace your OGT you can then lead a meaningful life!

  4. My Cher CD collection is enormous. And my huge Wonder Woman poster on the wall is a dead giveaway. LOL