Friday, November 19, 2010

Beer Busts and Cuddle Partners

Is it alright for a guy to just want to throw back a couple of beers and cuddle afterwards while taking a nap...minus sex? It sounds cute and nice and in some awkward way romantic. But can a relationship ensue? Relationship monster rears it's ugly face...

This is the problem I think, we think too much. Well at least I do...I let my own hang ups get in the way of allowing me to just have a delightful afternoon of beer busting and cuddling. Fuck! I said delightful! Really though, that is something we do, as gay men with morals, ethics and social responsibility...we need to let go and let our inner "newbie whore" come out.

Remember when you came out and felt the need to have sex with anyone that paid any attention to you? Or you knew that you were in love with them after he came inside of you and said it was alright he is clean (besides you should be safe!). Stop denying it, I as your gay colleague, know a thing or two about that phase. But really people please please know your status...I promote that!

We were carefree, indulgent, excessive, dare I say it...FUN! Ok, maybe I became serious. As a man who was in an LTR (long term relationship) it happens. So how do I go about finding my inner "newbie whore." Suggestions....anybody? COMMENT PLEASE!

My new rule is say YES to anything. Maybe I need to stop watching the movie, YES Man, but I am going to follow the mantra. Say yes to beer busting and cuddling, say yes to showers in the men's locker room at Ballys, say yes to a quickie in the car down the hill away from my house. 

Maybe not that far, but say yes to things that you thought you would never do (minus weird sex fetishes, unless you want to) and see where it takes you. You never know it might be your/my next 3 months.


  1. Hmm..this post makes me think. I'm not sure if I want to bring out my "inner newbie whore" since I'm very black and white when it comes to love and relationships. But I like the idea of saying yes and being adventures..all within reason. I believe that you should always look after yourself and make decisions that you won't regret in the long term. That's just my two cents :-) xoxoxoxo

  2. definitely say yes! That's the motto I was trying to get out of the inner newbie whore...the newness of everything and the sense of adventure. You want it want to have your cake and eat it too. And well if you decide to go the whole way of the inner newbie whore and add sex, where a condom!

  3. Its wear, not where college boy

  4. This post defines in my mind everything that is wrong with homosexual men. You say the problem is we think too much. I say, you’re dead wrong. We don't think enough. With everything you do there are consequences, even in your standard issue gay mans cloudy whacked out glam dream world. You’re a gay man with morals, ethics and social responsibility? Since when? That’s a rare bird! We fuck in the bushes in parks, public bathroom toilet stalls, and yeah, the locker room at Bally's if you belong there (And we wonder why conservative straight people wont accept us in society, we cant serve openly in the military, can't get married etc. We need to look in the fucking mirror!). Ask yourself this, would you tell your mother that you fucked a stranger Bally's locker room simply because he wagged his dick at you? I doubt it. We are generally not ethical. You mentioned about how some guy screwed you over and played with your feelings. How many times have you done the same to others? How many times did you step out on someone that you claimed to be in a loving relationship with? Are you any better than he? We all act so shocked when someone does us wrong, yet we do the same thing to others. Ask yourself how many guys in your life have you done it too? Will you do it again? Answer honestly. Treat others the way you want to be treated. What is your legacy? To be remembered as someone who was morally unwell?

  5. Thank you grammar Nazi! Sometimes I need it. Anonymous, I think we are on the same point about everything, I don't think most gay guys stop and/or look in the mirror and see what they have done and what was done to them. Make sense...thanks!

  6. Hey anonymous,

    it's a blog. it's his life. it's all to be taken with a grain of salt and if it relates to you great, if it doesn't then move on to the next post. Right? no where have I read that he speaks for ALL gay men, ethic or moral standards, or anything to that effect. Relax, have a drink, it's just life.



  7. I agree mostly with anonymous on most points Violetta. And I also agree with you that I need to have a drink. So when are you buying me one my sexy lesbian goddess?



  8. @ anonymous

    The fact that you called me Violetta let's me know we at least have met once or you're a stalker. Either way, I'll buy drinks anytime - name a place and a date ;)