Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Terry Richardson at OHWOW

©Terry Richardson, Untitled (red lips), 2011
My wildest hipster dre▲ms just came true. Terry Richardson, is putting together his first solo exhibition for OHWOW Los Angeles! The show kicks off February 24th and runs through March 31st, 2012. I have admired Terry's work for quite some time, even through all the controversy of American Apparel ads, to his works for Purple, and every other amazing fashion magazine known to gay men.

He has worked with every model, artist, designer, music gods and goddesses...Lady Gaga and Jared Leto. Yes please! He has a way of capturing people, in the most mundane of activities, giving them an air of who THEY really are...just like us. Simple yet  complex, quirky yet sexual, kitschy yet iconic...Terry Richardson is simply AMAZING.

"Terry Richardson’s first solo exhibition in Los Angeles, titled TERRYWOOD, presents over 25 of his latest photographs. Inspired by the multiple facets of Hollywood life, TERRYWOOD unveils a series of images of the famous locale, as seen through Richardson’s eyes. Terryworld meets Hollywood, as the local characters, familiar landscapes, and architectural details, now verge on having a new identity. With images such as Untitled (Hollywood), and Untitled (Nude), both photographs of the proverbial chintzy signs that are ubiquitous throughout Hollywood, Richardson illustrates his proclivity for branding whatever subject matter he approaches. Through a medium not typically understood as effective in translating an artist’s personality, Richardson manages to make his hand evident within his photographs. His identity is unmistakably present here, as if he created the very objects and scenes his camera captures. An artist often attributed with changing the field of photography, Richardson also defies the ideological limitations of the practice, while redefining an epitome. TERRYWOOD takes all that Hollywood represents – the celebrity, broken dreams, kitsch, and sorted history – but, just as with all of Richardson’s well-known work, he re-contextualizes familiar imagery, re-identifying it with characteristics reflective of his own persona, imparting them with a different narrative." --OHWOW Los Angeles

This is definitely something worth going to...and hey guys, a great place to meet other men of like mind. The great thing about these type of events, is that people from ALL walks of life attend. I personally want to go and meet Terry Richardson and take my picture with him, thumbs up and all. So go, take your friends!

Terry Richardson
February 24t - March 31, 2012
937 N. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

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