Monday, February 20, 2012

Madonna: the art of being reductive

Maybe I don't turn on the radio too much anymore, but I am not thrilled by the new Madonna song. Now, I heard it and watched it on the SuperBowl...yeah I know right, I watched the SuperBowl (like most gay guys, that means I watched the half time show only, and then sipped a martini while discussing the players tight pants).  Anyhow, out she comes on her throne, whether it be a dis to all the supposed pop princesses/queens/monsters out there or a bringing together of all faiths (as was stated by herself), I just wasn't thrilled or moved to dance by the song.

Then an attempt to stay current, she enlists the likes of Nicki Minaj (whom I actually like) and M.I.A. (which I totally love). Two females who say what they want and do what they want (and if offered A LOT of money make a song with Madonna)...something Madonna used to do. Come on, I am not hating, I am not saying Madonna hasn't contributed to the pop-sphere...she has. She has influenced more women singers than our generation has seen. But at what point do you just become a part of the cliche world you sang against and spoke up against? All of a sudden you got married, went away to Europe, got an accent, and have become all lady like. Bravo, you have grown up. So your music should reflect it...not sound like a 12 year old put the lyrics together. Oh, and you shouldn't degrade the people who look up to you either, can we say reductive. Oh and last time I checked, most of and if not ALL, pop music is reductive...watered down versions of what is actually happening in the underground scenes in order for mass media and conglomerates to make money (oh you know, Vogue, remember Madonna, that song you sang...which was about the underground ballrooms, and then claimed as your own, but not giving reference to any of the diva queens that allowed you put it together aka Willi Ninja, Pepper LaBeija, and Kevin Aviance)...can we say reductive. And aliens totally exist.

Note to self: don't make a statement and then put out a reductive song order to stay current with today's generation, which you frankly aren't a part of, and appease gay men everywhere (this gay man...not appeased).

Such is the music industry, always changing, which is great. Stay true to what you love...and don't worry I would date you even if you LOVED the new Madonna song.

*Press PLAY, "L-U-V Madonna, Y-O-U You wanna* oops, how did that get on my iPod.

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  1. This old cunt is past her prime, end of story. She is so out of touch she can't smell the stank of her own shit. I mean really, its time to just move to Vegas with the other old has beens that have used up every once of creativity she ever had. Oh wait, she had to have other people write her music for her because she didn't have creativity. I don't buy the co-written bullshit, sorry. I'd love to pay big money to see her prance her old ass around the stage moving her lips to a song she recorded 20 years ago. She can't even do that very well so she has to surround herself with other dancer to pull the attention away from her. Sounds like money well spent. But I guess we all have to make a living somehow, and she has to pay for her Depend diapers that she now wears due to the constant cornholing she received from Guy Ritchie for 8 or so years. Stupid whore :-P