Monday, February 27, 2012

Music Monday: Lana Del Rey, the new obsession

Ever since the song/video collage, Video Games came out, I have been hooked. Hooked, ok that is an understatement (especially because the CD is in my car and plays on repeat), more like obsessed. As we know I tend to do that with many things, socks, white t-shirts, shoes...ok well yeah, I am a gay man, it happens. Music is one of those things that makes or breaks my day. It can put me in a feel good mood or a manic depressive I don't have love mood, so I am going to listen to every sappy love song. Followed by downing a bottle of wine and sinking into a hot bath.

In comes Lana Del Rey. It's simple in sound, but lyrically deep. She sings about love found and lost, whether metaphorically through death or the much sung about break up. Sure, you can listen to Adele and get the same...but there is something about Lana Del Rey. There is this dark ambiance to the songs, and her frills, just this voice. She is a poet/lyrical gangster (white girl version of course). Self proclaimed Nancy Sinatra gangster, she definitely delivers, and hits you the heart.

I recommend getting the whole album and finding on Youtube some of her unreleased music also through her real name Lizzie Grant...but to me she WILL be Lana Del Rey.

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