Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Movember for Boymeetsboyblog.com

As gay men, which some of us are...we must be on top of our health, working out, eating right, and HIV/AIDs tests. November marks the start of Prostate Cancer Awareness and other male associated diseases. Movember, is the official term coined by Movember USA, a group set out to create change one face at a time along with LiveStrong and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Over at boymeetsboyblog.com I have taken on the challenge along with my friends over at Mobli.com, to grow a mustache for the month of November. The next few weeks will bring short video posts that you can follow on here and Mobli.com. Together we can create awareness, make change, but most of all talk as men...about our health. There is no need to be ashamed...open your mouth, discuss, educate. If you are up for the challenge lend your face to the month of Movember. Remember change starts with YOU!

Don't fret women, you too can join in! Just go on over to Movember USA and see how you can become a Mo Sista.

My Personal Donation Page
Mobli Movember
Movember USA
Prostate Cancer Foundation

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