Monday, November 21, 2011

Exclusive JimmyKissKiss for
This boy has just come across another boy/man/sexy guy I could probably marry and settle down with; and fell in love with his new dance track, Heads or Tails. The single is set to release before Christmas 2011, but yours truly got a sneek peek to it before it hits the internet/Itunes radio waves. The track drops with a heavy synth at the beginning, a slight warning to what is about to drop, and then as if a tease taunting you to come out to play, the bass drops you onto the dancefloor with a lick of percussion...and then explosion of the senses when the track infuses all the elements. The only thing missing is two sweaty bodies, grinding onto one another in the corner of a packed night club...certain to happen once JimmyKissKiss comes on. Boys get ready because you are about to get lucky.

Born and raised on the outskirts of Boston, JimmyKissKiss is ready to launch his own sound on the pop music frontier. Heads Or Tails, his debut single, is a catchy dubstep-infused club ready banger featuring sexually charged vocals over razor sharp synths. With a team of young and talented producers, JimmyKissKiss fought to make his “sound” stand apart from the rest, a sound he refers to as porno-pop: …songs that make you wanna f*ck on the dance floor. Currently, JimmyKissKiss is busy writing his first EP.

I suggest keeping track of this sexy/nasty porno-pop star! Follow him over on Twitter and on his personal page. His track will make you hit the floor, shirt off, grinding up against some new boy toy...stop pretending you don't like it, because you will! Have fun, and get dirty! xo

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