Tuesday, October 11, 2011

National Coming Out Day 2011

Run to the mountain tops and scream out loud, hey I am GAY! Ok, maybe that is a little over dramatic, and maybe not suitable for who you are. Either way, if you are ready to leave the proverbial closet or are already glittering up the world, one person and outfit at a time, make today a day of awareness, equality, and love. Equality for EVERYONE, after all we have one thing in common, we are HUMAN. Now turn up the circuit party dance music, lift your hands to the heavens, and dance to the beat of the music. Remember, the only rule that is important, is to be YOU! Oh, and be safe in everything you do.

Share your coming out story with me at Boymeetsboyblog.com! Here is mine...

Party Like It's 1999: My Coming Out Story >>

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