Sunday, February 13, 2011

the Tops and Bottoms of Dating: Part 8, Valentine's Day Edition

1. Find something cute to do for Valentine's Day. Maybe you two can pick a place and plan the day out. This way you both have fun and you learn a little bit more about each other.

2. You aren't obligated to say I love you on Valentine's Day. There are many card options out there! Get them an, I like you, card. Remember yellow roses are nice too, they mean friendship. Also try pink roses!

3. If it is early in the dating process, you don't HAVE to buy them a gift. Do it because you WANT to.

4. You don't have to spend Valentine's Day together, especially if your miles away from each other, make it a time when both of you have the day off together and can spend quality time together.

5. Surprises are ALWAYS good. If you figure out beforehand what the surprise is, then pretend to be surprised. Surprise!

6. Mixtapes are always a great gift. Especially if you sneak in a slow song. Plan it correctly, play it over dinner (that you cooked), and when it comes on, take his/her hand and slow dance in the living room.

7. It's alright if you aren't dating someone or have a significant other in your life on Valentine's Day. Make it a friends night. Love comes in different forms!

8. Don't buy a gift for him/her, but in reality it is for you. For example, lingerie, sex toys, etc. It shows no real thought to who the person is, it also shows that you shopped last minute. Put some effort into it!

9. If you want something for Valentine's Day and you are hinting, STOP! This isn't your birthday. Let them find something they think you will love. Plus, everytime you see it, it will remind you of them.

10. Everyday is Valentine's Day! You don't need a Hallmark made holiday to say I love you. Take every day to appreciate those in your life.

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  1. Yay #10! I got one in there after all. I like your wording better than mine though.