Friday, November 12, 2010

the GAY grocery list...

Condoms. check.
Lube. check.
Breathmints. check.
Facebook status. check.
Heart laying in the middle of the floor. check.

I am ready to date! Ok, maybe not the best way to start my introduction, but it's real, it's honest...damn it! It means something, right?

My name is Daniel, simply put, I am a single gay man/boy/queer/(fill in your own label), and thought the best way to exploit my wanderings would be through a blog. Everyone has one, right...why not me. I haven't been on the dating scene for the past 9 years, relationship monger...maybe. I don't know the rules to the game, fuck I don't even know my own rules. Who do I like, what do I like, am I a bottom, am I a top!?!

Ok, here is the deal...I invite you to read about my pitfalls, crushes, one night stands, clinic visits...that's right take care of yourselves! But I digress...through this we can learn what it is to date and find ultimate fulfillment (even for one night), or just learn to laugh at the experience of dating in general. Safe proof method, let me get hurt, not you. In turn we can teach each lets go! Oh don't forget guys, it doesn't hurt to shower before you go on a might  get lucky!


  1. Girls read your shitty blog too, asshole. Just kidding, you rock, good luck, Daniel. FB me.


  2. Daniel... Gary Here... what do you mean you are single again... I didn't hear you call me to go out... :D I never thought you would ever be single!! Love your boots.... I don't do the vids anymore... :P hehe... drop me a line on FB "Goboss Twoeightyone" or my old yahoo email, you should still have that!