Sunday, July 15, 2012

I am nothing more than your average walking talking conundrum, with sometimes a little too much to say.

Sure, things change, people change, hey even a blog can change. As I sit back and reflect on everything I have done, I take my hand and thump it towards my forehead. What the fuck was I doing? Living.

No one ever said there was a right way to do anything. There is no right way to date, no right way to be yourself, hell...the only right there is the right you create. Right? Just remember, don't make it so overwhelming that you yourself can't achieve it. Where is all this going, you ask? Well, truth is, the only boy that ever existed behind the screen is the boy that lived inside of me. A boy afraid to be...a man. After turning 31, yeah I said it, 31! I came to a realization, I am not a West Hollywood, tight shirt (albeit sometimes they are tight along with my jeans) gay drone. Life isn't always a party dj-ed by Steve Aoki, and guest appearances by Uffie and Lady Gaga. Although, they can be at times. My likes are eclectic. So I am sorry if I don't write as much has changed. People have come back in to my life, and we are learning to recapture, scratch that, start over from where we left off, and really learn the things about each other that we loved. So relearn? Maybe.

So here we are, fully realizing who we are. And who we are, we are starting to love. It may be a little nastier, a little raunchier...a little more...

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