Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Other Man is You

...I love you.

Two bodies are standing there. Hands are pressed upon one another. The warmth of his breath glides down my neck.

Slowly and assuredly, his hand passes down my chest. Fingertips, the smooth touch of his hands.

Down my chest, on my stomach. Sending electricity down my spine. The sense of nervousness creeps in. Is this what I want to do? Second thoughts. Hands on my crotch. Too late.

His gentle lips are pressed against mine. I take a deep breath in, and let it reside. Is this happening?

He knows what he is doing. I feel so awkward. Someone is watching. Gently, he cups my crotch. Stroking, feeling. There is no turning back.

...and then I whisper to you, over his shoulder, I love you too.

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