Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: You better watch out. I am coming to get ya'

Wow! Another year flew right by us...what happened? Who happened? Were we intoxicated the whole year that we forgot to put our list together of the things we will try and stop doing? Ugh, here goes to trying to recollect the year [as I grab a martini] and see what we should change in our life that WILL make us a better person, more so than we already are. Don't worry, I don't have that much of an ego where I think I am the best possible person in the world. After all, I can be one of the biggest bitches out there, after a drink or two...or so I am told. But I digress...

In the mean time, don't forget you should put together your New Year's resolution too...and this year put it in to practice. We all make these lists and forget that we ever made them, right after the person behind us on the freeway decides to cut us off and flip us off...then we proceed to do the same. Write the list, place it in front of you...somewhere you will see it everyday and not underneath the pile of Dolce and Gabbana underwear. Make the list practical and tailored to your needs, wants, and desires. Don't place things on it that even you know you will NOT attempt. 

1. This year I will learn to not say mean things and walk away. From what I understand that is one of the bitchiest moves anyone can ever do..especially after pointing out the obvious. Is it my fault you didn't see it right in front of your face? Also, not waving...another bitchy move. Just say hi to everyone that walks your way then deal with the fact they will follow you around and ask you to join them in the mall bathroom. It's not your fault, you were just being nice. You didn't want to get chewed out later as being a diva and not saying hello to the potential new life mate of your best friend.

2. I will continue to get my gay boy fitness on. Not for him BUT for myself. Because I found all the pictures of myself when I was a bit larger. I can never go back to that again. EVER. I was always tired, and not wanting to do anything. Life felt dreary. I was unhappy. The change had to come from within myself and then the outside followed. So here I am much better. I have more energy, and I find myself doing things I thought I would never do. Not like climb Mt.Everest or wear white after Labor Day dangerous...just doing more and more than I ever thought possible.

3. No more phone calls at 3AM to the guy I am dating. It seems desperate. Control yourself. Be casual, be cool and collected. Better yet, control what you drink that evening because then you start to sext. Then he just thinks you're easy...which you are, but ONLY for him. Duh.

4. Stop talking about myself while people are trying to tell me about what they did during their day. This isn't The Talk (where everything is about Chris Jenner no matter the issue at hand; rape, no problem Chris Jenner has experienced it). Other people have problems that they want to discuss. People have feelings they want to share. So shut up and listen! Stop thinking it is ALL about you, because it isn't. Well yeah it sometimes is, especially if it's on my Facebook, because after all it is MY Facebook. Besides I have gone through some things that people can relate to. I have cried over heartache. I have felt like the outcast. Me. Me. Me. See there I go...STOP! Tell me about your day today.

5. WE WILL BE HAPPY THIS YEAR! WE WILL! We found the secret to success. Just be YOU, accept yourself first and foremost, because that's my only truth. Note to self: learn to say I and not makes us sound crazy. Or us.

6. I will learn how to say NO sometimes...but not to everything. Sometimes we should say yes because we might surprise ourselves. Say NO if he wants to have a threesome/open relationship. It's simply not us...and never will be. Say yes if he tells you to stay the night. You will wake up to a morning filled with cuddling and listening to your favorite Amy Winehouse tracks only to be followed up with an amazing breakfast.

7. STOP spending so much money on clothing and shoes. The world is ending this year. So put the money where it is needed. Prada Bags!

8. Be more involved within the community. Take part in LGBT community programs and outreach. Volunteer some time! The change has to happen in our  own community. Cause a HOMO RIOT! Heed the advice of our peers:

"To the young…don’t take for granted that the world will always be the way it is now or that it will necessarily always get better for gays and lesbians. There is real danger on the horizon. There are legitimate threats to our rights and progress. Realize that in many parts of the world gays and lesbians are tortured and killed for simply being themselves. We have to take our freedoms seriously and be vigilant in the fight to keep them.

To the adults…with wealth and maturity come responsibility. We need more grass roots organizations that educate and empower our people. It isn’t enough to give a hundred dollars a year to the HRC. We need more shelters for runaways, we need more mentors, we need networks of gays and lesbians to support and defend those on the fringes of society. Everyone should be an activist.

To the closeted…everyday that you put off coming to terms with the truth of who you are is a day of real happiness lost. We need you. We need your voice, your story, and your inclusion in our struggle. We need you to show your friends and family that they know someone who is gay, that they love someone who is gay. And that will effect their perception, change their opinions and help all of us. I’ve never met a single person who came out and a year later wished they were still closeted. It’s unimaginable. We live in a fucked up world. Just imagine if every queer person came out and proclaimed publicly their truth, our world would be changed forever and it would never be necessary for another person to live in shame and isolation." --HOMO RIOT

9. We have accomplished going out alone and making new friends but lets try and make friends and not get so buzzed that you fall in love and become a little slutty in front of the bartender with this random new guy [especially if the bartender is a friend of the guy you seriously dated and skyped with]. Besides, you have to be careful these days, you don't want to end up another statistic...of a broken heart in the parking lot.

10. In ALL, have fun this year! Be light-hearted, be YOU, help out, and create a new change. This year I challenge all of you to begin something new within our community...there is not just ONE voice, there are many! Let yours be heard. Stand up for what you believe in, have some fucking balls and SAY IT.MEAN IT.DO IT.

ps. say I love you to yourself, your family and loved ones more often. pss.I love you.xo



  1. Skyping is not dating! What is up with the gay guys obsession with Skype? It's stupid!

  2. Skype is an easy way to get other guys naked. I think, or so I have been tricked into.