Monday, October 17, 2011

Terry Hastings x Diana Corpus Jewelry x

Once in awhile we need to step away from boys/men/one-night stands and take time to do things we love. Strike that...we should ALWAYS be doing the things we LOVE. Better. For the past year my good friend Diana Corpus, owner and designer of Diana Corpus Jewelry, has been wanting me to get in front of the camera to  do a shoot with her beautiful pieces. After caving in, because what kind of gay guy would I be to say no to a photo shoot, I teamed up with Terry Hastings, a Palm Springs local photographer, to bring to life the vision in Diana's head.

Diana Corpus is an independent designer originally from San Diego. She grew up reading fashion magazines and developed a love for creativity through fashion. When the designer moved from San Diego, her heart was set on making her dream as a designer come true. She currently resides in LA County.

Diana Corpus Jewelry is made of vintage and antique findings, hardware with a costume aesthetic flare with a funky edge.

Terry has collaborated with the famous BeBe Zahara Benet to create the multi-faceted fashion book "Bella Donna." In September of 2009, Terry moved to the desert city of Palm Springs, California. This amazingly picturesque landscape inspired Terry to try many exciting ideas under the umbrella title "Paradise: Lost & Found" How One Man's Wasteland Is Another Man's Oasis.

One series of photos "Theoretical Potential" shows the desert wind as having the power to destroy or create, to kill or to energize. There is also an underlying message of man's need to develop renewable resources like wind and solar power both quite abundant in the desert.

To find out more about my amazing friends check out their websites.

Terry Hastings

Diana Corpus


  1. You should leave the modeling to the real models, nice try though.

  2. haha so true. Nah, I am so not a model, but my friend had asked why not. Thanks though.

  3. Juan is only jealous...

  4. That Juan guy is hilarious! Seriously, you look HOT as hell and you show jewelry line off.. AMAZINGLY!!!!!!!

    I don't understand how an adult (well hopefully he is an adult) takes the time to come on your site (which he obviously keeps tabs on, right?!) to say something so ignorant.

    I tell you, Losers and haters are everywhere and they should all just get together and pull a Jonestown. In case he's too stupid to know what that is, I'm including the link.


  5. I wouldn't wear something like that. I don't like to wear jewelry