Wednesday, August 31, 2011's Adventure @ Eclipse City Night Club

The music was going, the half naked guys were dancing on boxes, in the dark corners a sudden flash. Myspace pictures...wait who does Myspace anymore? Ok, Facebook and Twitter pics. I knew my Twitter was updated, @eclipsecityclub follow the madness. Boy did it start from the get go!

Have you ever walked into a new club and didn't know what you were getting yourself into? Was it going to be another lonely wallflower night as you grooved to the eclectic mix of electro and hip-hop; making out with another cute, scruffy, tattooed, hipster guy in the corner; or, maybe you would find yourself dancing the night away with one hundred of your soon to be closest friends?

I got to Eclipse City Nightclub, located in Riverside, CA...out in the Inland Empire (IE), around 11pm. As I drove I had my music going, listening to a little bit of Peaches, prepping my mind for the night. Located in the offbeat part of downtown Riverside, I knew that this unto itself would be an adventure. The music from the club was flowing out, inviting me to come in and have a drink. The drinks were cheap, just how I like them! I ordered my cranberry and vodka, paid my five dollars, and decided I would peruse the corridors of this small intimate club set in a Mexican restaurant. Go-go boys in underwear are dancing on boxes beckoning me to place my hard earned dollar bills into their American Apparel underwear. I figured what the heck it's for a good cause, his college fund.

The club night was interesting, it was more like a dance party, a mish mash of different guys. I grew up in the Inland Empire, and have family there, so I have frequented some of the, well couple, of gay bars that Riverside has to offer. This club definitely drew a different crowd in, which is what I like. I hate when you go into clubs and you can pinpoint every gay guy and you know them or have had sex with or will because you have chatted on adam4adam or Grindr. Then again...what club isn't that. The crowd was eclectic, from your typical too cool hipster fashion guy, to scene kids, and a little bit of well...the non-scene people. Making an appearance was none other than the former gay mayor, Ron Oden, of Palm Springs. I wonder if he could get me into Coachella Music Festival every year? But I digress... It's interesting how the liking of house and electro music can bring different people together...and cheap drinks!

As I made my way through the crowd and guys tugging at my sleeve to go outside and chat with them, I found myself meeting the Dj. We chatted about the club night and how we both love old skool music. Before I knew it he began playing, Sex Shooter, and told me, I guess this is the part where you drag me out to dance. Done and done.

After my dance with the Dj I made a few friends with a group of guys. Funny how hip hop music can bring guys together...the power of booty shaking and grinding. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was my four dollar beer, or the fact that the eclectic mix of gay guys made it easier to just be YOU. There was no scene, or dress required...maybe that is the nice things of these new gay clubs popping up. There is an acceptance in ALL the types of gay men there are.

All in all it was a great night at a new club and location. If you live in the area, or maybe want to try something new and away from Orange County or Los Angeles, check out Eclipse City Club, for a good clash of electro and hip hop. Now only if I can get them to serve that would be AMAZING!

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