Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Name of the Game, Screen Names (SN)

Since the advent of the Internet, screen names (SN's) have become common place along with crazy celebrities (Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, the list goes on), Apple releasing new product year in an out, and Lindsay Lohan going to rehab. Gay men have definitely perfected the art of finding a SN. If you don't believe me, simply ask your best gay friend and have him/her give you a sampling of the wit and humor in SN's. If you are gay, you know what I am talking about!

SN's can range from sexual position, to name and birthdate, or to the most random of digits (eg.: bottomboi69). Nothing left to the imagination, right? Of course, a name as this calls for a cock and butt picture. Once again, nothing left to the imagination. I admit, these names capture one's attention. I am not going to lie, I find myself clicking on those profiles. Simply because I hope they have a face shot and I can locate them while perusing through the mall. "Hey, aren't you bottomboi69?" As you can clearly see, gay men didn't think this one through.

Can you imagine how embarrassing it could be if this or some other derivative was your SN? The fact is when you log on to these sites, you are signed into the area you live in (unless you are smart and log in to other counties). Guess what men, guys will notice you and maybe, just maybe, blurt out your SN. There you are out at the bar with a few of your friends, getting a drink, and then some random Joe comes up, "Hey aren't you UDoMeNIdoU?" Oops, now everyone knows. Imagine if you were at the supermarket in the fresh vegetable section. Good thing your SN wasn't LovesFruit69. This person is now expectant of something to happen. Online you can easily choose not to notice the email, or delete and block it. In person, all one can do is run or say no. Say no, and now the guy who knows you will make sure to go around and spread vicious nasty Mean Girl/Easy A rumors. Not a win-win opportunity.

Clearly, picking a SN that calls for attention, a gay man should be ready for all that it entails. Pun sometimes intended. I guess ultimately some gay men did think it through. I will keep to my SN, of my name and birthdate. If you decide to go with those wild, and sometimes kinky, SNs (eg.: horsehung69, dickgoesinya, likedemlong, or 10plus4U), remember if you are putting inches, waist size, age, top/bottom, etc., you better deliver the goods. No one likes misleading information!

Have some fun and check out this SN generator! Simple and effective, and if you like, create that dirty name...go ahead you know you want to!

A sampling of the fun:

  • 0r4lGrim
  • 0r4lIsdead
  • 0r4lLex
  • 0r4lLil
  • 0r4lPenguin
  • 0r4lPhia
  • 5h4m4m3Bottom
  • 5h4m4m3Sex
  • 5h4rkSex
  • 5pyBottom
  • 5w33ti3Bottom
  • 69Trite
  • BottomClassy
  • BottomTerrific
  • F3mm3Gato
  • F3mm3Grim
  • F3mm3Intincr
  • FemmeDude
  • FemmeEats
  • GrimFemme
  • IsdeadOral
  • J03Asangirl
  • JoeApenguin
  • JoeAsangirl
  • JoeBox
  • JoeChr0n05
  • JoeChronos
  • JoeCl455y
  • JoeClassy
  • JoeM0
  • OralLil
  • OralM0
  • OralP3nguin
  • OralPhi4
  • R4pSex
  • RapSex
  • ShamameSex
  • SlimSex
  • SpuffyBottom
  • SpyBottom
  • SushyBottom
  • SushyOral
  • SweetieBottom
  • TerrificBottom
  • TheBottom
  • TrimbleBottom
  • Trite69
  • TriteJoe
  • Waka69
  • World69
  • Ws69
  • Zqt69


  1. Anyomne who spells boy, boi, is a fag in the worst sense.

  2. Hey french speakers... would boi be pronounced "bwa" or would it need a "u" in for that? Not that I care too much since anyone who calls himself a boy (or boi) is asking to be treated like a child.

  3. Im going to use "Iapologizeinadvance" for my screename the next time I create a profile on one of those terrible yet addicting websites.

  4. Have you noticed that most people who use the word boi are by no means boyish looking, and they are usually men over 40.

  5. This is so boring. Write something better next time.

  6. OMG, the more hilarious part is that I agree with you! I have a story coming up soon, but it needed the right telling of it, so I came up with this one to fill space. xo